Are the Mormon Apostles Legitimate?

As special witnesses, they speak in behalf of God.  So do they walk and talk with Him?

Apostles Speak in Behalf of God
Mormon church leaders often speak over the pulpit with expressions like "The Lord expects..." or "The Lord wants..." or "The Lord is angry when..." as if they are literally the representative of God.

Apostles Avoid the Question
Exodus 33:11  And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.

Despite the church's lengthy and emphatic statements that "He Lives!",  many saints who ask Mormon Apostles if they have seen God in person report vaguely mystical but disappointing answers.  More here.

However, many if not most members believe their leaders have regular face-to-face conversations with God or Jesus.  This technique is similar to how multi-level-marketing companys won't actually misstate facts, but rely on their members to exaggerate and take that final step over the line to make deliberate fabrications of their product's abilities.

Did Lerenzo Snow See Jesus?
An account mentioned by Allie Young Pond, the granddaughter of Lorenzo Snow, claimed that when she was a young girl Snow gave her a private tour inside the temple one day when nobody else was there and showed her where Jesus and Heavenly Father appeared to him in the Salt Lake Temple in 1898 and told him he should assume presidency of the Church since Wilford Woodruff had just died.  

Despite being passed along through many generations of Mormon folklore, no other person has claimed to have heard this story from Lorenzo Snow except his young granddaughter. Heber J. Grant later discounted this story (see below).

Heber J. Grant Spills the Beans
In an April 13, 1926 letter to Mrs. Claud Peery, Heber J. Grant states, "I know of no instance where the Lord has appeared to an individual since His appearance to the Prophet Joseph Smith."  

Note this quote discounts Lorenzo Snow's family story above.

Do 2nd Anointing Recipients See Jesus?
Tom Phillips, a past Stake President in England, reported his experience receiving his 2nd Anointing in 2002, after 33 years of church service.  

A Second Anointing is a super-secret, super-sacred ritual of feet washing that guarantee's someone entry into heaven.

He was expecting to see Jesus Christ in the temple, but he saw Elder Ballard instead, who performed the ordinance

Don't Stand-up Before the Brethren

Eder David Bednar grandstands to see who dares stand up before this case it was his wife, who quickly corrected her mistake.

Don't Correct the Brethren

Elder Dallin H. Oaks explains we mussent correct the brethren, even if we are right.

None of us Brethren Have Seen God or Jesus

During a multi-stake fireside, Dallin H. Oaks explains that none of the brethren have seen God.

Revelation is the Same as Your Own Feelings or Wants

During a European/African young adult devotional March 7, 2021 Elder Holland clarifies that your own thoughts, feelings, and wants are the same thing as revelation.


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